Weekly Sync - 04/07/22

GitBook tip: bias meetings towards action and discovery by sticking to a format where you document learnings, blockers, and next steps.






Meeting notes

What are we doing this week?

  • Implementing new onboarding strategy

  • User research

  • Dev working on implementing API blocks

  • Design continuing wire-framing

What have we learned?

  • Our implmentation needs some work primarliy around the Sign Up process

  • Testing showed users are having difficulty understanding our pricing tiers

  • Syncing with dev and design working very well

What should we continue doing?

  • Communicating thoroughly

  • Wireframing and finding every solution

  • Happy paths

  • Scheduling research calls

What should we start doing?

  • Would love to try out the new tool for emails

What should we stop doing?

  • Having long threads discussions

Potential blockers

  • Half the design team are off next week need to plan for this

  • We have an issue with caching

Next steps

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